Type A — macOS Icons with Panache

"A good system shortens the road to the goal."
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Type A gives you everything you need to organize your content beautifully into folders and subfolders. There are 200+ folder icons that are perfect for professionals from all backgrounds: 

  • video producers
  • audio engineers
  • photographers
  • consultants
  • projects managers
  • podcasters
  • motion graphics artists
  • ...and (mostly) everything in between!

They're based off of macOS Monterey folder icons and scale all the way up to 512x512 so they look great on both Retina and non-Retina displays.

There are generic icons per category that you can make all your own, blank folders of every included color and three themed folder types dubbed: 80s, Neon Dreams, and Sherbert!


Drive Icons! You can apply these to both internal and external hard drives, USB sticks, and SD Cards. They're a great compliment to these folders and come in all the same base colors you already have:

Each drive also has light and dark icon variants so you know what's plugged in at glance:

Recommendations Welcome!

If the set needs something that isn't provided, shoot me an email and I'll get it in the queue for the next version. What started as a way for me to visually wrangle my own digital junk drawers has become a labor of love!


Do I need the latest version of macOS?
Nope! Icons are essentially OS-independent and I've built these out to be fully backwards (and forward) compatible. I know a lot of media professionals and project managers rely on a specific OS that works with their software, so anyone can use these!

Is it easy to change my icons?
Instructions are included for each set (folders and drives) and it's honestly just a simple drag-and-drop process.

How do updates work?
I'll be adding and updating this icon set over time as suggestions roll in (and they certainly already have). All updates to this set will be completely free with your purchase. I may end up creating separate sets or themes and those will spin out into separate products

I'm one of the developers of the software, can I send you our icon?
HELL YEAH! Email it to agormley@hey.com


Here's a running list of all updates made to Type A Icons

Version 3.0 Folders and Drives — 07/21/22

You probably thought this project was dead, didn't you? You thought wrong! HUGE list of changes and improvements right here, bringing both Folders and Drive in parity at version 3.

  • New: Drives now have a "transparent" variant with just the icon on silver
  • Updated: All icons now use a bolder knockout style. This will make them FAR easier to see, even at smaller sizes.
  • Updated: Folder colors now have a top-down dark-to-light color scheme with a little bit of texture added
  • Updated: Icons for Assets, Apps, Branding, Fonts, Logos, Presets, Templates, all Adobe Apps, Audio Hijack, Stems, Reaper, Stock Music, FCPX Camera Archive, all File Types, Web (export), Sketch, Video, OBS, Files - optimized, and Streamlabs have all been completely reworked or redrawn from the ground up
  • Updated: Dark Mode and Light Mode now have the same exact folder color. The icon sitting on top now changes to reflect each mode. This keep everything vibrant and allows light and dark mode icons to sit next to each other and not look weird!
  • Updated: Dark Mode icons are no longer pure black, but now a hand-picked darker shade of the folder color itself. ✨ DeSiGn! ✨
  • Updated: Drives all have a new visual style that's in line with Monterey external icons
  • Updated: Rather than have a separate folder for icon-less colored folders, a "Blank" folder can be found in each of the main categories.
  • Updated: Icons for Extras have been updated and colors for 80s, Sherbert, and Neon themes have all had a light noise texture applied

Version 2.0 Drives — 05/11/21

  • Added: Select light and dark variations of the icons, up to 92 total icons from the original 56
  • Fixes: Standardized icon sizes and added subtle shadowing for depth
  • Fixes: Drive colors are no longer "flat" and mimic the gradient used for the V2 folders
  • Fixes: Added a texture and sheen to the top of the drives
  • Fixes: Switched to "filled" icons for better visuals at smaller sizes
  • Fixes: Further adjusted the angle of the icons to match the correct angle of the drives

Version 2.0 Folders — 04/28/20

Updated README doc. Now includes quick way to change multiple folders at once

  • Fixes: All icons now based on a 1024x1024 resolution (previously 512x512). This will fix some minor issues on non-Retina displays
  • Fixes: Changed Light and Dark Mode Top Level Folders
  • Fixes: Moved "Extras" Out to the Top Level
  • Fixes: Normalized icon heights to a set standard
  • Fixes: All Dark Mode folders now have a subtle gradient
  • Fixes: Changed icons atop yellow folders to a darker color for better contrast
  • Added: "Blank" folders within each category for light and dark
  • Added: new "Assets" folder category, color, and eight subfolders
  • Audio: Added Generic Stems 1 and 2
  • Audio: Updated Pro Tools logo to official version
  • Camera Archives: Added Card Backups
  • Camera Archives: Updated Hedge logo to official version
  • Documents: Added file types for CSV, DOC, XLS, and Slide Decks
  • Graphics: Updated Affinity Designer logo to official version
  • Photo: Updated Affinity Photo logo to official version
  • Photo: Added Film Roll icon
  • Video: Updated AVID logo to official version
  • Video: Updated EditReady logo
  • Video: Added File - Optimized Folder
  • Video: Added Postlab folder
  • Video: Added Vegas folder

Version 1.0 — 04/24/20

  • Initial Release
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Type A — macOS Icons with Panache

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